Real Estate Taxes Due May 1

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With the change in billing to one bill mailed in December for real estate taxes, the Treasurer's Office would like to remind residents that real estate taxes are due on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. You will not be receiving a reminder in the mail since bills were sent out in late December and included both the February and May bill.

For questions,please contact the Treasurer's Office at Town Hall:

Planning Board Says Proposed Lumber Street Development Plan Needs More Work Before Town Meeting

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The Planning Board met during their meeting on April 22 to vote to take no action to support the Neighborhood Mixed Use District proposed at the Lumber Street and West Main Street intersection which is on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant as Article 55. Doug Resnick, Marilyn Stickler, James Lambert, Rob Hewitt, and John Connery presented the plan.

Dykema Raises Concerns About Milford Casino Application

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In a letter sent earlier today, Representative Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston) calls on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to respond to concerns about the validity of the application for a resort casino license in Milford.

"What is surprising is that despite their significant role, the owners of Foxwoods are not on the list of qualifiers subject to Gaming Commissioner background checks," Dykema writes in the letter. "These checks are viewed by the legislature as essential to promoting the highest standards of quality and ethics for gaming operations in the Commonwealth."

Massachusetts Unemployment Rate at 6.4 Percent - Jobs down 5,500 in March, up 12,600 in 2013

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The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development today reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) preliminary March 2013 jobs estimates show that Massachusetts lost 5,500 jobs over the month and the total unemployment rate edged down to 6.4 percent from the 6.5 percent rate in February.
Education and Health Services and Leisure and Hospitality added jobs in March. In the first three months of 2013, Massachusetts added 12,600 jobs. Over the year, Massachusetts added 40,300 jobs, 37,300 of which were in the private sector.

Casino Update: Palleiko Urges Gaming Commission to Disqualify Crossroads

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In a new development in the case of Crossroads Massachusetts, the pending Milford casino project, David Nunes, President and CEO of Ajax Gaming Ventures announced in a letter to Milford Town Administrator Richard Villani, that he has been removed from his role as Manager of Crossroads Massachusetts.

“While I will continue to be the largest shareholder in Crossroads, I have had my authority and my title stripped by my investor partners and they wish to proceed in place of me,” wrote Nunes.

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Hopkinton Tech Accessories Company Launches New Product

Watch the HCAM News video with Hopkinton resident and Felix Brand CEO and Founder Chris Michaud as he talks about the launch of his company's latest product MonkeyOh. New this time, Felix Brand is launching MonkeyOh, a versatile dock, stand and cord wrap for iPhone, iPod and smartphones, on Kickstarter.

To learn more, visit Felix Brand website.

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Gates Updates Board on Casino Free Milford Meeting

Selectman Michelle Gates updated her fellow board members at their meeting last night with feedback she received while attending a meeting sponsored by Casino Free Milford.

"Communication is key," said Gates. To hear more, watch the except from the April 2, 2013 Board of Selectmen's meeting below.

Also from Casino Free Milford, the developers of the proposed destination resort-style casino in Milford, will be presenting their proposal to the Milford Board of Selectmen at their April 8 meeting at 7PM at Milford Town Hall, 52 Main Street, Milford.

Gaming Commission Approves Draft of Phase 2 Regulations - Comments Welcome

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On March 28, 2013, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved a set of draft Phase 2 regulations for purposes of commencing the process towards final promulgation. There are two parts that comprise the draft: 1. An update to the existing regulations, and 2. New regulations governing the phase 2 licensing process.

The new regulations cover topics such as:

Massachusetts Surpasses Pre-Recession Job Levels

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The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development today announced that Massachusetts has surpassed pre-recession job levels. With revised numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing more jobs were created in January than initially estimated, there are now 3,318,500 jobs in Massachusetts, compared to 3,304,300 in April 2008.

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Lunchtime Studios Develops New RPG "Lords of New York"

Hopkinton resident Dan Higgins is off to PAX East, one of the two largest gaming events in North America being held in Boston this weekend. Higgins, along with his team, will be presenting his new Role Playing Game (RPG) Lords of New York which is set in New York City in the 1920s during the height of prohibition.

"We've had this idea for many years, which was how to make poker much more accessible and exciting," said Higgins. "And with everything that we write, we want to put a big story into it. So for us, it just fit perfectly. Lords of New York is a 1920s adventure game where you travel around New York City playing one of three characters and you move through their story lines, but you are, as that character, a gifted poker player.

Lords of New York is a product of Lunchtime Studios which was founded by Higgins and his wife, Courtney Pinnell back in 2009.

"We wanted to bring stories back to games," said Higgins. "Stories that left an impression with us,so that years later we were still remembering them and talking about them. We wanted to do something very similar in today's era of mobile and game technology."

Game Designer Star Fix is proud to be part of the project and looks forward to continuing to work on Lords of New York.

"I hope that there is a Lords of New York 2 and 3," said Fix. "I love Lords of New York, I love Lunchtime Studios, I love doing this. It's the most fun I've ever had, and it's the most work I've ever had, but waking up in the morning, thinking about how to make this game better, how to make it more accessible, how to make it more exciting for my friends, my family and for people that I have never even met. People all over the world are going to play this game and I am just proud to be part of it."

For main artist Rick Bushie, it's all about expression. His primary focus right now is doing the animation and building the master environment; Manhattan itself.

"So, taking these characters and breathing life into them, it's a very expressive genre and a very expressive time in the 1920s," said Bushie.

For now, Higgins says, "We do this at night as a hobby, but this is our passion. We do it every day and involve the whole family."

Higgins estimates that the final product is probably a year and half out. The game has been five years in planning and it took him five years to build his own game technology.

"It takes a number of years," said Higgins, "but when it gets to this point, thing move much more rapidly."

The next steps are doing the art assets and doing the funding so that they will be able to produce to content that will go into the game. For Lunchtime Studios, attending PAX East will be another milestone in the development of the game.

To listen to the interview with Higgins, Fix and Bushie, watch the HCAM News video below.

To learn more about Lunchtime Studios and Lords of New York, visit their website or stop by Pax East from March 22-24. And to help them make their fundraising goal, visit their Kickstarter page.


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