Candidate for Planning Board Statement: Mark Hyman

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I’m Mark Hyman, candidate for Planning Board, and I’m asking for your support.

All new, LIVE, Jen and Margie Show

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017: Tonight at 7PM on The Jen & Margie Show: ...Preakness...Celtics...JFK's 100th...Everything Graduation...Tune in and join the conversation!

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Hopkinton Resident Seeks to Connect with Other Residents Regarding HHS AP Courses

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HCAM news has received the following email from Hopkinton resident Frank Sivo seeking to connect with other community members in a similar situation concerning HHS advance placement school courses:

"Was your motivated and qualified HHS student not approved for an AP course? Was there an override meeting? Did you understand how the decision was made? Are you willing be be vocal about your concerns? Join a group of parents who are working to remedy this process. Send name and phone number to [email protected]. #noapforyou"

Editorial: Support for Ken Weismantel

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Mr. Weismantel has served on the Planning Board for over 10 years. During this tenure, he has been actively and intimately involved with the permitting of scores of projects and subdivisions in Town, including Legacy Farms; the largest build-out of undeveloped, rural land in MetroWest in decades. Mr.

Editorial: Supporting John Coutinho for Board of Selectmen

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Dear Editor and Voters of Hopkinton:

I understand that as a fellow Board member, writing this letter may break some unwritten rule in local politics, but there are times we have to be willing to break the rules.

I ask you to join me in supporting John Coutinho for re-election as Selectman. I’ve known John for over 12 years and I can tell you he’s one of those people who constantly puts others before himself without thinking twice.

Editorial: Supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board

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I am supporting Amy Ritterbusch for a five year term on the Hopkinton Planning Board. I have known Amy for many years, and I am confident that Amy will carefully consider proposals brought before the Planning Board, will do her background research, and will make sure she hears from constituents on all sides of any issues before making any decisions.

Editorial: Supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board

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I am supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board because of Amy's amazing research abilities, knowledge of the town by-laws, strong relationships and commitment to the town of Hopkinton. I have known Amy for well over ten years as we have worked together in many capacities together with eHop (formerly known as Educate Hopkinton), the Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association (HPTA) and we have children similarly aged.

Editorial: Supporting Muriel Kramer for Hopkinton's Planning Board

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I am writing this letter to express my endorsement for Muriel Kramer for Hopkinton's Planning Board. In all the years I have known and served with Muriel, she continues to impress me with her intelligence, experience, and dedication to the well being of everyone in Hopkinton. With her leadership and her ability to work with people of various opinions and positions, I believe Muriel Kramer is our voice and vision for a Planning Board that serves all of Hopkinton's residents.

Editorial: Supporting Ken Weismantel and Gary Trendel for Planning Board

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Please join with me in voting for Ken Weismantel and Gary Trendel for the two 5-year seats on the Planning Board. Ken and Gary have complementary skills and perspectives that will serve our community well in the years ahead.


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