Editorial: Supporting Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee

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I would like to thank Marty Lamb for his leadership in repealing the automatic gas tax hikes. He led the statewide effort to have the legislators be responsible. Legislators now have to vote every year to account for their actions because of the efforts of Marty Lamb. No one in the race for the State Committee on March 1st has credentials anywhere close to Marty. As a retired Army Officer I can attest to his character and selflessness. We need someone with his determination and dedication to bring some balance into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Editorial: Supporting Ed McGrath and Janet Leombruno for Republican State Committee

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I recently read a letter to the editor which asked "What should I think about Ed McGrath?" One should start with the simple fact that Governor Baker wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. McGrath and supports him 100%. Ed McGrath has recruited and worked with dozens of candidates for legislative and state-wide office including: Mary Z. Connaughton, Jon Fetherson, and Doug Grindle. Ed served as pro bono counsel for the Massachusetts GOP, oversaw re-count elections, and ran the regional volunteer call center for candidates up and down the ballot.

Editorial: Supporting Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee

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We are writing in support of Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee. Marty is a true leader with pure motives.

As one of the chairmen of the successful effort to repeal automatic gas tax hikes, Marty built a grassroots team of over 1000 volunteers. The effort to stop the worst tax increase in history of our state helped GOP candidates and helped carry Charlie Baker into office!

Moreover, Marty Lamb saved us all money at the pump.

We are proud to endorse a true conservative leader for Republican State Committeeman. He will put people ahead of personal gain.

Editorial: No to Crosspoint

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A friend saw my "No CVS" mailbox sign and asked "Where do you get your prescriptions filled?" "CVS!" I replied. A case of gotcha? Not at all. Since the day we were all shocked to learn that the new owner of the Colella's building had chosen CVS as a replacement, I have happily shared these three key points:

1 - I am not ANTI-CVS
2 - I am not PRO Hopkinton Drug
3 - I am ANTI-Crosspoint selecting CVS as the tenant of Hopkinton's landmark downtown building.

House & Garden Tour Thanks

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To the Editor - The Hopkinton House & Garden Tour in honor of the town’s 300th Anniversary was a great success for many reasons but especially so because of the generous response from the homeowners, sponsors and volunteers. Almost 300 people toured the wonderful houses and gardens of 2 Park St., 5 East Main St., 1 Leonard St., 11 Holt St., 97 Ash St., 9 Frankland Rd., 10 Andrea Dr., 2 Wescott St., 16 Whalen Rd., 39 Blueberry Lane, 29 School St and 250 Wood St.

Editorial: School Committee Candidate Brian Karp statement about Religious Observence

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Dear Hopkinton Residents,

The School Committee’s failure to fully embrace the needs of families and the committee’s inadequate method of obtaining public input at its meetings are very troubling to me.

With regard to the needs of families, on May 6, 2015 the School Department announced that on Thursday, May 14th the School Committee will be reviewing the Religious Holiday Observance and Religious Expression Policy. I do not believe that it is merely a coincidence that the committee is planning to review this policy 4 days before the town election.

Editorial: School Committee Candidate Brian Karp makes Statement about New Gymnasium Roof

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A New Roof, But At What Cost?

The High School gymnasium needs a new roof, but at what cost? Faulty installation of solar panels and inadequate repair of leaks by the installer have precipitated this need at a cost of over $500,000.

According to the Metrowest Daily News, when the town was in negotiations with the installer, Borrego Solar, school officials calculated that it would take 20 years for the town to save $500,000 ($25,000 annually).


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