Frank Sivo for School Committee

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My wife Eve and I have lived in Hopkinton for 20 years. We have four children in the public school system. I have been active in our community as a Little League baseball coach, an advocate of special education students, and a member of the Appropriation Committee.

My education includes degrees in engineering as well as an MBA. Professionally, I lead strategic planning processes and the continuous improvement program for large life sciences company.

Editorial: Storm-Drain Culvert

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On the afternoon of 3 April I took a walk along the portion of Whitehall State Park that parallels Spring Street. I was most pleasantly surprised to hear this harbinger of Spring in the small pond approximately opposite 42 Spring St. (ensure your computer's volume is turned up)


Editorial: Political endorsement letter

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With the multitude of problems and expenses facing both our schools and Hopkinton as a whole, we need, now more than ever, a disciplined, focused, pragmatic, logical, creative, organized, problem-solver on our School Committee. This unique combination of traits is most commonly found in those working in the engineering field.

Lori Nickerson - School Committee Candidate Statement

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I believe the School Committee needs to improve its communication to the community and in order to do so, the process by which the exchange of information occurs must change. Communication is defined most simply as the exchange of information. The key components are exchange and information. You may have information, but you are not truly communicating unless there is a give and take.

A Perspective on STEM: from Frank Sivo, Candidate for School Committee

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At the April 17th school committee meeting, I was aghast to hear a parent (Tim Ritterbusch) report that there is consideration to substantially reduce the amount of TechEd exposure our children receive in the Hopkinton Middle School. Mr. Ritterbusch’s report compels me to weigh-in on the importance of TechEd and, more broadly, STEM in our curriculum and our children’s futures.

Statement from School Committee Candidate Kelly Knight

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One of the state mandated goals for a School Committee is to review and approve the school budget. Doing this right requires extensive discussion and prioritization among the administrators, superintendent, and the School Committee, leading up to the Annual Town Meeting vote. So how do we get there?

Our budgeting process must be open to the public and offer multiple opportunities for input. This requires an engaged and trusting community.

What is Your "Transportation Nightmare"?

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The 495/MetroWest Partnership, in collaboration with MetroWest Daily News, is soliciting nomination(s) for the region's 'transportation nightmares'. These nominations will be considered by public and private sector representatives serving on the Partnership's Transportation Committee, which will be announcing the 495/MetroWest region's top transportation needs. Please make your voices heard by submitting the nomination form below. Submit as many as you like but please use a separate form for each.

Executive Office of Health ande Human Services: Top 10 Reasons Why The Affordable Care Act Is Good For Massachusetts

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In a press release dated September 25, 2013, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services cites the top 10 reasons why the Affordable care Act is good for Massachusetts:

10. Creates new protections to ensure your insurance plan covers you when you need it. Massachusetts already has strong insurance protections. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enhances these protections by eliminating limits on the amount of benefits you can receive.

Casino Free Milford Asks for Your Support

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From Casino Free Milford:
Last night the Milford Board of Selectmen signed the host community agreement with Foxwoods and scheduled the town referendum date for Tuesday, November 19th.

We now have two months to spread our critical message to all of Milford’s voters and attain our goal of keeping Milford casino free. We have some exciting ideas for newspaper ads, radio testimonials, mailings and good old-fashioned door-to-door chats, but we need money to bring most of our ideas to reality.

Cestari Says Scordino Knows How to Get It Done

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Dear Editor:

I have been watching the School Committee race closely and was compelled to put pen to paper on a few issues for taxpayers to consider before they vote.

There have been whispers suggesting Ellen is too ‘busy’ to serve our town. Nonsense! We all know when something needs to be done, ask a busy person! Successful ‘busy’ people know how to prioritize, delegate and execute as appropriate. They know how to GET IT DONE.


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