Editorial: Endorsing Amy Ritterbusch for Select Board

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I am writing to encourage my Hopkinton Community to vote for Amy Ritterbusch for Select Board. Amy is one of those people that you can always rely on. She does her research exhaustively, she follows through and is always ready to work for Hopkinton. Amy is involved in many aspects of our town already, serving on the Historic District Commission, the Growth Study Committee and the Planning Board. She is always working hard to improve Hopkinton.

Editorial: Endorsing John Coutinho for Select Board

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Dear Editor,

I served on the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen (as it was then called) from 2010-16, and overlapped for several
of those years with John Coutinho. Based on my experience with John then and since, I am pleased to endorse
him for another term on the Select Board.

Candidate Statement: Joe Markey for School Committee

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My name is Joe Markey and I am running for Hopkinton School Committee. Maintaining and improving the educational experience for our children and families, amidst continued community growth and facility planning and construction, will be the biggest issue facing our schools in the next 10 years.

Candidate Statement: John Coutinho for Select Board

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Over the last many years, residents of Hopkinton, through their elected representatives, have worked together to build our amazing community. Past and present members of all our elected and appointed committees have volunteered countless hours to make Hopkinton the special place it is today.

Our schools are second to none. We must protect them!

Our town is the safest community to live and work in Massachusetts. We must protect our public safety departments!

Editorial: Endorsing Amy Ritterbusch for Select Board

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Making an endorsement for Select Board is difficult for me in that I know both candidates well. Both
have been of service to the Town for many years and have contributed to our community in significant

Editorial: Supporting Joe Markey for School Committee

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To the Editor:
We support Joe Markey for School Committee.

His experience in town volunteer service has given him a sophisticated understanding of the workings of public processes – legal, political, legislative, financial, permitting, taxing, borrowing. This is singular hard-won knowledge, rare and very valuable in a school committee member.

Joe was a five-year Planning Board member, two years as chair, during the majority of the Legacy Farms project permitting. This was a multi-layered legal and political process requiring great sensitivity and judgement.

Editorial: Supporting Dawn Ronan for School Committee

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I write in whole-hearted support of Dawn Ronan for school committee. She has demonstrated, time and time again, her expertise in quietly navigating the slings and arrows from those with differing opinions to find points of commonality, and then to expertly build consensus.

Now, more than ever, we need people with that unusual talent in this community.

Ed Harrow
8 Spring Lane, Hopkinton, MA 01748

Amy Ritterbusch - Candidate Statement for Select Board - 2020 Election

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My name is Amy Ritterbusch and I am running in a contested race for a seat on the Hopkinton
Select Board. I am a hard worker, I do my research and I have a long history of involvement
with the town and schools. This is a critical time for Hopkinton due to the rapid growth and
development we continue to experience, as well as the new issues facing the town now due to
COVID-19. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe it is important to have Select Board
members with diverse backgrounds that better reflect the priorities of the town population as a

COVID-19 Updates & Precautions June 2, 2020 update

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Previous updates and additional information and resources can be found here: https://coronavirus-hopkintonma.hub.arcgis.com/


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