Rep. Carolyn Dykema and Hopkinton Dem. Chair, Darlene Hayes endorse Jesse Mermell for Congress

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Two Hopkinton-area Democratic leaders have endorsed Jesse Mermell for Congress. Mermell announced at today’s Hopkinton Democratic Caucus that she has received the endorsements of Representative Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston) and Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee Chair Darlene Hayes. Representative Dykema and Hayes say they are supporting Mermell because she is the best candidate to lead on the issues affecting Hopkinton residents, such as championing public education, fighting climate change, and creating a fair economy.

2016 Massachusetts Trump Campaign Co-Chair and 2018 U.S. Senate Candidate, Geoff Diehl Endorses Leda Arakelian for Republican State Committee

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Whitman, MA – Geoff Diehl, former State Representative from the 7th Plymouth District and the 2018 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate against Elizabeth Warren, announced his slate of candidates for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

Leda Arakelian Announces for Republican State Committee

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Today Leda Arakelian of Hopkinton announced that she is running for Republican State Committee in the Second Middlesex & Norfolk Senatorial District. The election is Tuesday, March 3rd.

“I am proud to be running on the same ballot as President Donald Trump. I am committed to growing the GOP and recruiting strong candidates,” said Arakelian. “The State House is tilting more and more to the extreme left. We cannot become a sanctuary state for illegals, so I will be working hard to defeat Democrat incumbents with fresh face Republicans.”

NRDC Action Fund Endorses Markey in the Massachusetts Senate Race

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NRDC Action Fund's announcement represents Markey's third national, progressive organization endorsement this week

WASHINGTON, DC – The NRDC Action Fund, a national environmental advocacy organization, today announced its endorsement of Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) in his campaign for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

Chamber of Commerce: Moving the Downtown Corridor Project Forward

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The Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to urge your attendance at that this evening's (Dec. 9) Special Town Meeting to be held at Hopkinton Middle School beginning at 7 pm.

After years of study and extensive public input it is time to move the much-needed Downtown Corridor Project forward and your attendance and support Monday evening will allow that to happen. Please see the link below (Citizens Advocacy Group) prepared by Citizens Advocacy Group FOR the Main Street Corridor Project, Hopkinton, MA, which stresses the importance of your participation.

Editorial: No to Downtown Corridor Project by Rob Phipps

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Early proponents of the Downtown Corridor Project described Hopkinton`s Main Street as unattractive, dysfunctional, unsafe for pedestrians, and suffering from dangerous traffic congestion. Ten years of promotion by town officials and Chamber of Commerce plus innumerable D.O.T. design engineering alterations attempting to alleviate traffic and improve safety, have been continually thwarted by the downtown area`s unalterably diversified topography.

Editorial: No to Downtown Corridor Project by Ed Harrow

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I agree with a recent letter writer, please come to Hopkinton’s Special Town Meeting this Monday. This is a very significant project for this growing community, but it is not clear that it will accomplish all the stated and very desirable goals.

VHB, “As directed by the Town” (Letter dated 26 Nov) wrote me a two-page letter and, when all was said and done, “separated bicycle lanes have become so common” (Indeed, I have a data base of over 600), one would think it would have been possible, over the past two years, to find one featuring:

Editorial: No to Downtown Corridor Project by Dale T. Danahy

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I would like to correct Jane Moran’s comments that “this conversation has been on going since the 1950’s when the State first identified the downtown intersection needed improvement.” Think about that: in the 1950’s Hopkinton’s population was under 3,000 residents, most of whom did not own a car. It was truly a farming community then with several families owning 100+ acres actively farming them. You could cross ANY street in town without seeing a car pass for hours. There were more tractors on the road than cars.

Editorial: Halt the Fiasco by Margaret Barton

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Sow and Sow

The notion of beautifying a truck-run (Main St.) by burying the power lines is ludicrous. I don’t loiter in the street gazing heavenward counting the wires or lack thereof- I’m busy focusing at ground level, bent on escaping with my life!

You want to improve downtown? Start awarding traffic tickets to worthy recipients- Enact a 20mph limit, and ENFORCE IT. And even more basic, STOP the over-building and rampant development of this town, thus exacerbating the very traffic jam-ups you now don’t know how to deal with.


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