Editorial: No to Downtown Corridor Project by Ed Harrow

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I agree with a recent letter writer, please come to Hopkinton’s Special Town Meeting this Monday. This is a very significant project for this growing community, but it is not clear that it will accomplish all the stated and very desirable goals.

VHB, “As directed by the Town” (Letter dated 26 Nov) wrote me a two-page letter and, when all was said and done, “separated bicycle lanes have become so common” (Indeed, I have a data base of over 600), one would think it would have been possible, over the past two years, to find one featuring:

Editorial: No to Downtown Corridor Project by Dale T. Danahy

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I would like to correct Jane Moran’s comments that “this conversation has been on going since the 1950’s when the State first identified the downtown intersection needed improvement.” Think about that: in the 1950’s Hopkinton’s population was under 3,000 residents, most of whom did not own a car. It was truly a farming community then with several families owning 100+ acres actively farming them. You could cross ANY street in town without seeing a car pass for hours. There were more tractors on the road than cars.

Editorial: Halt the Fiasco by Margaret Barton

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Sow and Sow

The notion of beautifying a truck-run (Main St.) by burying the power lines is ludicrous. I don’t loiter in the street gazing heavenward counting the wires or lack thereof- I’m busy focusing at ground level, bent on escaping with my life!

You want to improve downtown? Start awarding traffic tickets to worthy recipients- Enact a 20mph limit, and ENFORCE IT. And even more basic, STOP the over-building and rampant development of this town, thus exacerbating the very traffic jam-ups you now don’t know how to deal with.

Editorial: Yes for Main Street Corridor Project

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You are needed Monday night at 7PM in Middle School for Special Town meeting:

Town Meeting can be an unpredictable forum – only those attending call the shots:
The article on easements requires only a 50% threshold to stop the town’s well planned and fully funded Main Street improvements.
Many important Town Meeting articles over the years have passed or failed by a SINGLE vote. Don’t let that ONE VOTE be yours – please show up to ensure the broadest community interest is represented!

Some highlights and links below:

Editorial: No for Downtown Corridor Project

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Merriam-Webster defines a legal taking as, “a seizure of private property or a substantial deprivation of
the right to its free use or enjoyment that is caused by government action ...” It is my opinion that
easements on private property, whether temporary or permanent, are a deprivation of the free use of
property, and are in fact, a taking.

Main Street Alliance will Discuss Our Petition to Stop Hopkinton's "Main Street Corridor" Project on WBZ AM 1030 Radio

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The Main Street Alliance is excited to announce that our story will be featured on Nightside with Dan Rea on Thursday, December 5, 2019, starting at 8 p.m.

Please tune in at 8 p.m. on WBZ NewsRadio, radio dial 1030 AM, or listen online at https://wbznewsradio.iheart.com. Rob Phipps and Jacqueline Potenzone will be Dan Rea's guests in the studio, and will speak about the Main Street Alliance's opposition to the Hopkinton Main Street Corridor Project.

Editorial: Main Street Corridor Project Bike Lanes

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I note the following comment regarding the so-called ‘Main Street Corridor Project’ on the proponents’ webpage. “The project includes a bicycle lane in order to separate bicycle traffic from vehicle traffic flow, improving safety. Today, bicycles share narrow road space with moving and parked vehicles.”

As I have said, multiple times, I believe (and I am not alone) that the separated bike lane, as proposed, will NOT improve safety, so I make no further comment with respect to this portion of the claim.

Editorial: Main Street Corridor Project

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A recent letter writer noted that only a few parties in Hopkinton were having portions of their property taken for the Main Street Corridor Project. Well the writer may feel correct, but I suggest that having 3, 5, or 15’ of one’s ‘front yard’ disappear to pavement will effect one’s property value far more than the compensation being offered for the taking of ‘minor pieces’ of front yard; the major disappearing portion having been within the Town’s Right of Way.

Editorial: Main Street Corridor Project

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Little did we know back in 2010 that town officials already had a fate accomplished in mind with their premature submission of the 25% plan in order to establish Hopkinton`s place in the state funding queue for the Downtown Improvement project. The current level of Select Board grumbling over the Main Street Alliance`s successful Citizen`s Petition for a Special Town Meeting on December 9, reflects their frustration that another side of this story is finally being heard.

Editorial: Response to the Select Board

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Editorial Written by: Ed Harrow

I write in response to the Select Board’s Press Release of 6 November 2019.


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