Carbone's Restaurant Announces Closing After 87 Years

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Carbone's Restaurant located in Hopkinton at 280 Cedar Street announced via Facebook they will be closing their doors after 87 years in business. The picture on the post was taken by HCAM when Peter and MaryAnn reopened the restaurant after a fire in May 2015.

"To Our Customers, Employees and Community,
It is with very mixed emotion and great reluctance that we announce the closing of our family run restaurant after 87 years in business. This will occur sometime in the near future and the actual closing date will depend on several factors that are impossible to predict at this time.

There were many reasons that went into this decision - one that we are not taking lightly and that we share with a great deal of sadness.

Over the years there have been friendships developed with our customers and employees that we will cherish forever. Our customers and employees are family to us. This restaurant has been our life and the lives of two generations of family that preceded us.

It has been an incredible run that will regretfully end soon as it is time for us to begin a new chapter in our lives. We can never thank you enough for your loyalty and support over the years and for being a part of this journey with us. The time is fast approaching when we will say our last goodbyes here but let’s never forget the good times we all shared together.
- Peter Carbone & MaryAnn Lorentzen"