Editorial: Baffled by Greyhound Friends Board

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My Say editorial by: Maureen Camillucci

Early on, I was a supporter of Greyhound Friends. I used to follow them online to see the majestic dogs and I believed they were doing good work in our community.

I am appalled not only by the Attorney General’s findings, but the behavior of Greyhound Friends Board of Directors since the kennel’s closure. Instead of taking accountability for what happened, many of the board members and corporate board members went on the attack against the whistleblowers as well as any media outlet that had the temerity to report the facts of the case. They continually cried witch hunt, blaming regulators and law enforcement officers for what transpired there. A Greyhound Friends Board of Director member even began doxing one of the former board members who resigned and reported the group to authorities.

The Suffolk Superior Court documents now show that Greyhound Friends’ conspiracy theory claims were a farce. The director was misusing donor money and the board was not making decisions in the best interest of the organization.

Under this board’s leadership, Greyhound Friends neglected sick and injured dogs – including one poor dog they reportedly left without veterinary care for four days after he was attacked by other dogs at the kennel. Their director spent tens of thousands of dollars that she now cannot account for. They failed to pay their staff on time. And they let the kennel fall into such a state of repair that the Director of Law Enforcement for the Animal Rescue League of Boston called it “an inhumane place of detention for animals”. The board is responsible for that.

This is a charity that took in millions of dollars in recent years yet claimed in court that they now have no money left. When I think about all the Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops who helped out there, the young children who gave their birthday money, and all the local businesses who supported Greyhound Friends, I feel so let down.

Greyhound Friends says they want a fresh start, but it is most of the same people running the kennel. The same people who thought this level of care was acceptable. Even worse, the problems seem to be continuing even after the closure. News came out that the longtime employee Greyhound Friends promoted to kennel manager adopted out a sick dog, months after the kennel license was suspended.

I am astounded that Greyhound Friends is still trying to downplay the damage they caused to these sensitive animals. They claim they should be allowed to reopen because they have written new policies and added a few new people to their ranks. But all the policies in the world are not going to stop people from making bad decisions.

I think it is pretty clear they have made far too many bad decisions to be trusted with the care of animals again.

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