Editorial: Endorsing Shahidul Mannan for Board of Selectmen

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Dear Editor,

I’m writing to encourage Hopkinton voters to elect Shahidul Mannan to the Board of Selectmen. Shahidul has served several years on the Appropriation Committee, is well versed in Hopkinton’s growth and financial management, and brings strategic management experience that will enable more proactive leadership by the board.

I’ve had the privilege to work with Shahidul in a professional capacity at EMC and as a town volunteer during Marathon Elementary School planning and construction. In both cases, I have observed Shahidul Mannan to be a leader grounded in competence and substance.

With Hopkinton’s annual budget now approaching $100 million, I consider it critical that our Board of Selectmen include volunteers with financial and strategic management expertise. Shahidul Mannan brings much needed financial and strategic competence, along with a demeanor well suited to productive collaboration with fellow volunteers, town staff, and the community.

Please join me in electing Mannan for Selectman on Monday, May 20th.

Endorsement Submitted by: Joe Markey