Editorial: Part One of Louise Coleman's Statement Regarding Greyhound Friends Public Hearing

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Written by: Louise Coleman

On December 1, 2017 Judge David Cunis found me not guilty of animal abuse. This was the charge that Alan Borgal of the Boston Animal Rescue League had brought against me. If I had been convicted of this felony charge I would never have been able to work with animals again. A terrible, life altering situation had it come about. I had a terrific defense attorney, Dan Cappetta. It helped a lot that many supporters came to the courthouse every day for the four day bench trial. Most of the prosecution witnesses came from the Bay Path Humane Society in Hopkinton

Especially given the Judge's unequivocal verdict I was amazed to see basically the same cast of characters who were at my trial giving extremely negative testimony at the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen's hearing on September 11th. Alan Borgal was even included. Dan Cappetta did a masterful job of exposing the duplicitous behavior of each witness. I marveled at the way he was able to draw the truth from each prevaricating person - with out being contentious. Framingham District Court's Columbo.

Why was emphatically discredited testimony allowed, encouraged, at the Selectmen's hearing? As a citizen, representing my self - definitely not Greyhound Friends, I contest this conflict of interest. I am working towards restoring my good name and reputation. Therefore, I am drawing the public's attention to the transcript of my trial that documents the lies and denigration used against me. I don't understand how the Selectmen could have allowed such devious, discredited testimony. Unlike during the trial the witnesses at the Selectmen's hearing were not under oath and were not cross examined. They could say anything they liked. And they did.


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