Editorial: Supporting Cynthia Esthimer for Commissioner of Hopkinton Parks & Recreation

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Cynthia loves Hopkinton, especially the Lake Maspenock community where she has lived for many years. She advocates for this natural resource, its environment, and even chairs the committee on weeds. Cynthia believes in an inclusive Parks and Recreation department with activities for everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Her desire is to support and enhance offerings our Parks and Recreation are currently offering our community from sports, arts, educational initiatives and health & wellness programs. Cynthia is a listener who definitely wants to hear from the residents "what is important to them" in regards to building upon the recreation and enrichment programs the Parks & Recs can offer. Her professional background, for over twenty years spearheaded the implementation of enrichment programs for a city in our region integrating their schools, Parks & Recs and other city wide departments delivering resources to well over 1,000 youth annually.

I have known Cynthia for over 23 years, she is caring, creative and collaborates well with others - she is the ideal candidate to be a commissioner on Hopkinton’s Parks and Recreation Commission.

Please join me and vote for Cynthia Esthimer on May 20th.

Darlene Hayes
1 Third Road