Editorial: Supporting Deputy Steve Slaman for Chief

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So upset with the decisions being made and the latest disregard for the process in choosing a new Fire Chief. Once again the Selectmen have shown that the wishes and the needs of the citizens of the town are not important, nor are any of the dedicated employees that have given their long years of service. You have basically said that Steve Slaman is not a good fit. Very demeaning to say the least! I would just like to remind the residents of Hopkinton, both voters and those who may want to serve, that two of the present selectmen are up for reelection this year. Both John Mosher and Ben Palleiko have expiring terms.

Think carefully before casting a vote for the next two people who will serve on this board. Think about the last town meeting and the three ring circus that took place because of an unprepared Board of Selectmen, think about the complete disregard for people. Ask yourself why there has been a mass exodus of employees from the town hall. Have lived in the town for 53 years and thought I would never want to live anywhere else, more and more moving away is looking very appealing.

Marilyn Palmer
87 Main Street