Editorial: Supporting Joe Markey for School Committee

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To Whom It May Concern:

I wholeheartedly endorse Joe Markey for the Hopkinton School Committee. I have only known Joe through his work as Chairman of the Elementary School Building Committee(HESBC). I served on the HESBC for over 5 years as a Voting member, all of which time Joe was Chairman as he led us flawlessly through a very complicated state process. Joe worked extremely well with all committee members in a collaborative manner with no ego involved. He utilized the committee’s various members and their knowledge and resources in a professional manner. He worked well with multiple consultants hired by the committee for design, construction and management. He interacted faithfully and totally with the state regulators and Hopkinton Town Manager and Selectman, as well as all approving commissions(i.e. Conservation, Planning, etc.) and building department. As the town knows, through Joe’s leadership, this project was completed early and was more than $ 2 Million under budget, even after adding more classrooms early on in the project due to the state finally accepting our enrollment numbers versus their consultant’s outdated numbers.

Joe will be a fabulous, cooperative and collaborative member representing the School Committee.

As a note of reference, I have been a Hopkinton resident for 35 years. I have had all four of my children graduate from Hopkinton High School, including my youngest, Tom Weaver, who graduated while dying from Brain Cancer, and the school system and the town in general were there for us. I owe the school system my everlasting moral support.

Sincerely, John Weaver
10 Sanctuary Lane, Hopkinton

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**