Editorial: Supporting Jon Graziano for School Committee

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We are supporting Jon Graziano for School Committee because we have seen first-hand his profound commitment to the town of Hopkinton, and specifically our schools. We have known the Graziano family since before we all moved to Hopkinton. We are fortunate to have settled in such a wonderful town, with people like Jon giving much of his time to making our town even better.

In the past 3 years, Jon has resided on a School Committee which has accomplished many things, including bringing in Dr. Cathy MacLeod to lead our school system and helping ensure all children have access to Full Day Kindergarten. Hopkinton is known for its great school system and this was a much needed addition to our curriculum.

Additionally, over the past 2 years, Jon has served as the School Committee representative on the Elementary School Building Committee. The ESBC has done an amazing job getting us to the point of choosing a site for our much overdue new school. They have committed to making the entire process open and transparent, ensuring every resident has the opportunity to learn about options and offer input. While the ESBC has selected the optimal site for the new school, plenty of work remains for the ESBC and it is critical we allow this committee to finish and achieve their goal. Re-electing Jon to the School Committee will ensure much needed consistency on the committee.

We consider ourselves fortunate to consider Jon a close friend and the town of Hopkinton is fortunate to have such a dedicated School Committee member, committed to making Hopkinton better today and for the next generation. We ask you to join us in supporting Jon Graziano for School Committee. Please be sure to go out and vote on May 18th.

Jon & Amy Schwartz
Appaloosa Circle