Editorial: Supporting Jon Graziano for School Committee

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If you haven’t actively followed the School Committee or the Elementary School Building Committee over the past couple of years, you may not be as familiar with Jon Graziano as we are. Jon is the guy standing with supporters on the corner of Main Street and 85 every Saturday, eager to meet you and answer all of your questions about his goals as School Committee Chairman and his hopes for the schools in the years ahead. He’s the guy who fights hard for what he believes to be the best outcome for our students, from pre-school through high school, and who does his homework to find solutions to the never-ending fiscal and logistical challenges we face in Hopkinton.

Like many members of our community, we were entrenched last year in the collective effort to make tuition-free full day kindergarten a reality for every kindergartener in Hopkinton. It was in pursuing this critical program improvement that we got to know Jon well. We were immediately impressed by Jon’s ability to hear all sides of the issue and address individuals’ concerns from three distinct perspectives: as a parent, as a citizen of the town and as a member of the School Committee. Recognizing the changing needs of both our district and our youngest learners, Jon was steadfast and passionate in his commitment to reaching this goal. Thanks to Jon’s perseverance and his ability to collaborate with members of the community, this year’s kindergarteners are enjoying the most enriched and most exciting curriculum any kindergarten class in Hopkinton has ever received. He helped bring about a change that will benefit the children, families and teachers of Hopkinton for many years to come.

As School Committee liaison on the Elementary School Building Committee, Jon has taken a fiscally responsible and open-minded approach to help address the structural and logistical issues presented by Center School. Jon has been instrumental in organizing and facilitating public forums to engage the community. His work on the ESCB is another standout example of Jon’s genuine concern for the wellbeing of Hopkinton residents and his appreciation for our diverse opinions.

Jon leaves no stone unturned, no voice unheard. He is all in, and he has earned our support. We respectfully ask you to give him your vote on May 18th.
Thank you.

Danielle and Mark Owens
15 Walcott Street