Sue Kurys - Candidate for Commissioners of Trust Funds Statement

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Hi. I'm Sue Kurys and I’m running for Commissioner of Trust Funds. Recently, I’ve been supporting my
gracefully aging parents as they re-visit their estate plans. It’s made me realize just how significant it is
that, when we value something so much, we are moved to pass it on to others and enable them to carry
it forward.

Stewardship of such legacies is at the heart of what the Commissioners of Trust Funds do. Their principal
duty is to respect the wishes of the benefactors by ensuring the funds are disbursed as intended.

My service to the Town and community makes me well-qualified for this role. As the Clerk of the Tax
Relief Committee for Senior and Disabled residents, I’ve learned how to ensure that town policies are
followed and decision-making is objective and equitable. As a member of two nonprofit boards, I
manage financial assets and ensure their use furthers each organization’s mission. I also have an MBA
from Stanford with a certificate in Public and Nonprofit Management and recently completed studies in
fundraising, estate planning and grants at BU.

The Trusts were created by individuals who loved Hopkinton. Their values – education, the
beautification of our town and the preservation of our heritage – are the same values that make
Hopkinton a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

It would be my honor and privilege to carry forth their vision for Hopkinton for the benefit of all
residents as a Commissioner of Trust Funds. Please vote for me on May 20th