Weather Trends in Hopkinton: April 27th-May 3rd 2020

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According to the DPW weather station, the highest temperature reached in Hopkinton Apr 27th-May 3rd was 81.1 degrees, the lowest was 32.8 degrees. Average temperature during the week in Hopkinton was 51.3 degrees. Humidity was at an average of 73%, the peak was 97% while the lowest was 20%. Rain accumulated 1.58 inches last week. You can see all the averages for Hopkinton below and be on the lookout for future weather updates in Hopkinton.

The weather trends in Hopkinton were submitted by Water & Sewer Manager and WBZ Weather Spotter, Eric Carty. We thank Eric and the DPW for the information and look forward to keeping you up to date with all the weather trends in Hopkinton. Follow (@HopkintonWX) on Twitter and receive current conditions every 20 minutes and weather updates throughout the day.

Apr 27th-May 3rd 2020
Temperature: High: 81.1°F Low: 32.8°F Average: 51.3°F
Dew Point: High: 59.2°F Low: 30.5°F Average: 41.2°F
Humidity: High: 97% Low: 20% Average: 73%
Precipitation: 1.58 in of Rain
Wind Speed: High: 9.0 mph, Low: 0 mph, Average: 1.4 mph
Wind Gust: High: 27.0 mph Average: 6.6 mph
Wind Direction: Average: SW
Pressure: High: 30.38 in Low: 29.61 in