Town of Hopkinton Reminds Residents of Upcoming Application Deadline for Senior Tax Relief Program

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Town Manager Norman Khumalo would like to remind senior residents that the application deadline for Hopkinton's local senior tax relief program is rapidly approaching.

Applications for the senior tax relief program must be submitted by Tuesday, Aug. 31. Click here for an application.

“The Town of Hopkinton encourages all Hopkinton seniors who qualified for the State circuit breaker tax credit on this year's Massachusetts state tax filing to review the other qualifications for this tax benefit courtesy of the Town of Hopkinton," Town Manager Khumalo said. "This local program is a great opportunity for senior residents to take advantage of additional tax exemptions, and the Town Assessors’ Office is ready to answer any questions residents may have.”

Hopkinton seniors who qualified for the Commonwealth's Circuit Breaker Tax Credit on their 2020 Massachusetts Income Tax filing are encouraged to apply for a limited exemption of property taxes for the upcoming year. A home rule petition to the Legislature was enacted into law in 2018 allowing Hopkinton to offer property tax relief to seniors who meet state Circuit Breaker requirements.

Requirements to be considered for Hopkinton's program include the following: Age 65 or older, with any co-owners at least age 60

A resident of Hopkinton for 10 consecutive years

Income below $92,000 for a couple, $76,000 for head of household, $61,000 for single

Assessed value of residence not to exceed $848,000

Financial assets beyond the home not to exceed $250,000

When submitting an application residents will be required to submit income documentation, proof of age and their 2020 Federal and State Income Tax Returns.

Once all applications are submitted by Tuesday, Aug. 31, the Hopkinton Board of Assessors will review applications for the exemption. After the Board of Assessors determines the number of qualified applicants, the Select Board can authorize an exemption credit of between $575 and $2,300 per household.

Residents are encouraged to apply for the senior tax relief program as soon as possible. This is the third cycle of the program with the Town having offered the tax exemption for 2020, 2021 and now 2022. On average, the Town of Hopkinton qualifies no more than 24 residents during a cycle.

All the exemptions authorized and granted by the Town result in a residential tax rate that is one cent per thousand dollars of assessed valuation higher than the commercial and industrial rate ($17.08 vs $17.07).

Any resident with questions regarding the Senior Tax Relief application should contact the Assessor’s Office at 508-497-9720.