Editorial: Supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board

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Dear Editor

I am supporting Amy Ritterbusch for a 5-year term on the Planning Board because of her deep knowledge of town issues and government, demonstrated objective evaluation and research, and superior communication skills. Amy is the epitome of an informed and engaged citizen.

I have worked with and observed Amy in many different organizations and projects for more than a decade. Without fail, Amy devotes a tremendous amount of time, investigation and thought to all of her volunteer roles. In particular, the her leadership role in eHop demonstrates her tireless efforts to keep abreast of all current projects and issues in town, and to provide a centralized and objective forum for citizens to educate themselves about the important matters facing our town.

In a period of rapid expansion, changing demographics and numerous projects, it is critical to have informed leaders on the Planning Board who are transparent and pro-active in their communication to the residents. I am confident Amy will provide the leadership the town needs.

Please join me in voting for Amy Ritterbusch for a 5-year term on the Planning Board at the election on Monday, May 15.


Jean Bertschmann
4 Cider Mill Road