Editorial: Supporting Deputy Slaman for Fire Chief

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Board of Selectmen:
I am so angry at the recent decision to reopen interviews for the Fire Chief position that I am writing this letter with the hope that someone with a rational mind will rescind that decision. The search for the best candidate has been in progress for several months. At some point I read there was eighteen candidates vying for the job. A committee spent many hours going over all the applications, conducting interviews etc. and the eighteen candidates was whittled down to the two “best” candidates (out of all the others) for the job. Because one of the two has backed out of the race, we have to start all over again when we have the “best” candidate still available.

Steve Slaman has given his whole career to the Town of Hopkinton, he has never wanted to move onto better and bigger things, he went to Hopkinton schools, still lives in Hopkinton and has always shown he wants the best for his community. He has all the degrees needed to do the job, he is a good firefighter, a good son, a good brother, a good uncle and a very good friend to all who know him.

There seems to be one Selectman that is pushing to not award the job to Steve Slaman. The chairman of the Personnel Board feels we have found the best person for the job as does Selectman John Mosher. If they were both the “best” and one of those two is still available, what is the problem?

This has cost the taxpayers of the Town of Hopkinton several thousands of dollars and has been a huge waste of time. Please do not continue this fiasco any further. It is not only a slap in the face to Steve, a message to all those who served on the committee that their work was for naught, but also a huge disservice to the town. We have a very dedicated employee, reward him with the job he has spent over thirty years working for.

I urge anyone who feels strongly that this is not only unfair but an abuse of power by a few members of the Board of Selectmen to send an email to: [email protected] or call the Selectmen’s office and leave a message at 508-497-9700.

Marilyn J. Palmer
87 Main Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
December 18, 2015