Editorial: Supporting Jean Bertschmann for School Committee

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I am writing to encourage fellow Hopkinton voters to join me in supporting Jean Bertschmann as candidate for School Committee.

I met Jean soon after I moved to Hopkinton 8 years ago, in 2007. Since then, I have been greatly impressed with Jean’s dedication to serving the Hopkinton community in numerous volunteer roles. As a member of the Hopkinton School Committee for 6 years, I have found Jean to be candid, responsive, and tireless in her efforts to continue improving our public schools. For example, when the district experienced higher than expected enrollment of students in our elementary schools, Jean supported requests from parents to maintain reasonable class sizes for our children. Last year, Jean took on the role of Chairperson of Hopkinton’s 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee. In this position, Jean has collaborated with a wide variety of individuals, groups & organizations to plan a year-long celebration for our town. On a personal level, I hold Jean in such high regard that I have considered her a role model, and sought to emulate Jean’s work ethic in my own volunteer positions. On May 18th, I hope you will join me in re-electing Jean Bertschmann to the Hopkinton School Committee.

Very truly yours,

Laura Barry

7 Nicholas Road