Editorial: Yes for Main Street Corridor Project

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You are needed Monday night at 7PM in Middle School for Special Town meeting:

Town Meeting can be an unpredictable forum – only those attending call the shots:
The article on easements requires only a 50% threshold to stop the town’s well planned and fully funded Main Street improvements.
Many important Town Meeting articles over the years have passed or failed by a SINGLE vote. Don’t let that ONE VOTE be yours – please show up to ensure the broadest community interest is represented!

Some highlights and links below:

FOR the Main Street Corridor Project Facebook Page - browse the posts to gather information on various topics

HCAM Forum - Answers to the most frequent questions about the project - hear directly from project leaders and engineers about the sensitivity and planning to accommodate stakeholder needs

The project is fully funded and in final design stages, with recent accommodations made based on input from all parties, and current design spending on target with project expectations

The town's share (only 22% of the total project cost) is fully funded by Town Meeting appropriations from 2010 and 2018- the remaining 78% comes from state and federal funds, grants, and mitigation from related projects

Over 90 public meetings have been held relating to this project since 2003, including multiple town meeting votes and DOT forums to gather feedback and move the project forward

Safety is a key theme of this project, which balances many requirements: vehicles, pedestrians, bikes, parking, property, signalization, drainage, intersection alignment. ADA compliance throughout enhances safety for all including wheel chairs and strollers, making our town center more accessible and safe for a growing populations. Bike lanes have been designed to minimize use of full right-of-way and to enhance safety over current conditions via a bike path separated from the road and sidewalk that puts bikes on a separate path away from moving and parked vehicles. The Common gains enhancements to its appearance, functionality and safety at Marathon Way.

We are a growing community. Growing communities require infrastructure investment. After years in the MassDOT project pipeline, Hopkinton has a well vetted plan and a cost-effective way of getting this done now.

What can you do to help:
Please attend Special Town Meeting, 7PM, Monday, December 9th, at the Hopkinton Middle School auditorium.

Join us for visibility and sign holding at the Main/Grove/Cedar intersection near CVS/CrossPoint - Saturday, December 7, 10AM-noon.

Forward this email and attachment to your friends and neighbors to help us drive attendance at Special Town Meeting
Have you ever driven through another Massachusetts town and noticed the upgrades and enhancements to their main corridors? Those towns have already implemented the MassDOT project partnership model. After years in the pipeline, now is Hopkinton's time. Let's not throw this away due to misunderstandings or lack of attendance at Special Town Meeting. See you Monday at 7PM at the Middle School!

Joe Markey | 39 Ash Street | 508-308-5929
Citizens Advocacy Group FOR the Main Street Corridor Project, Hopkinton, MA

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**