In Response to Baystone Development

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Hopkinton resident Bruce Clark has this to say in response to the recent update from Baystone Development regarding work on Clinton Street, Front Street and Aprilla Farm Road.

This is Bruce Clark at 13 Alprilla with a few comments about both the information and the tone of this most recent message from "our neighbors" Baystone Development.

Supporting Jean Bertschmann for School Committee

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I am supporting Jean Bertschmann for School Committee because of her proven commitment to excellence in the Hopkinton Schools.

I have worked with Jean in multiple capacities over the past 10 years including serving under her leadership on the Superintendent Steering Committee, co-chairing school fundraising events, and collaborating when our tenures of president of the HPTA and Education Foundation overlapped. I have been impressed with her knowledge of the schools, ability to build consensus, and efficiency in managing tasks.

Letter to Editor: Lake Maspenock Dam

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To the Editor:

I live in Hopkinton and am not a property owner on Lake Maspenock but we have enjoyed the
beauty of Lake Maspenock every summer. I guess you could say we summer on the lake. I
think Lake Maspenock is an essential part of Hopkinton. How many towns have an area such as
Lake Maspenock to offer to their residents? However I do feel strongly against taxing a special
charge only the property owners who live on the lake for repairs and upgrades in the Lake area.
In May 2006 the town voted to buy the dam for a $1. We as a town should also pay for the

Resident Urges Others to Pay Attention to Downtown Plans

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To the Editor:

According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of DEMOCRACY is: a government in which supreme power is held by the people. Once again this will be so true in the town of Hopkinton when the residents will be asked to vote on the changes to our Downtown Area. This is a generational plan to change the Downtown. This plan was created by the Beta group and presented by the DOWNTOWN INITIATIVE STEERING COMMITTEE. The plan makes major changes to the road way from Wood Street to Ash Street and also includes undergrounding of the utilities from Wood Street to Ash Sreet.

HCAM Website Monthly Review

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Activity on the HCAM-TV website continues to increase. Thanks to all of our viewers and readers! Total page views for the month of September are up 15% from last month and I’m happy to see that HCAM News is up 25% and the number of news video stories watched individually is up 43%!

Just in case you haven’t visited lately, here are our top 5 video stories for the month of September:

Facebook Update and More!

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Who has one of the most active Facebook pages in Hopkinton? HCAM-TV. We are now up to 652 “likes”, but that’s not the most exciting news. Our monthly active users are up 69%, our post views are up 55% and our post feedback is up a whopping 153%!

So, if you are a Facebook user and want to stay up to date on everything Hopkinton, from community affairs, to school events, and local government news, visit our Facebook page today, “like” our page and start connecting with your community.

Candidate Statement: Scott Aghababian

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Dear Citizens of Hopkinton,

It is a privilege to run for elective office in Hopkinton and your kind consideration is appreciated.

Candidate Statement: Nancy Burdick

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Thoughtful and collaborative leadership: that is what I will provide if re-elected to the School Committee.

During my two years as President of the Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association and six years on the School Committee (two as Chairman) I established a record of strong leadership, commitment to our children, and spending discipline. My style is deliberative and inclusive. I have worked tirelessly to maintain the high quality public education that the community expects while striving to keep property taxes in check.

My key goals in my next term are to:

Candidate Statement: Richard de Mont

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The Hopkinton School District is in a period of transition and there is much to be done to keep Hopkinton on track as one of the best districts in the state. We have a new Superintendent coming on board and School Committee negotiations with the HTA to complete, on whose Subcommittee I serve on. We also are just beginning to start the process to reach town wide consensus on the Center School project, as well as looking at other capital projects, particularly at Elmwood. I am actively involved in these various projects and would like to see them through to completion.

Support Nancy Burdick

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I would like to encourage the voters of Hopkinton to support Nancy Burdick for School Committee on May 16th.

My experience with Nancy has shown that she is one of the few town leaders that have consistently reached out for feedback and ideas on the major issues concerning the town. This type of outreach needs to be supported and encouraged if we are to solve the looming challenges facing the town.


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